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I was never against the marriage, you know, she say. I never thought John was marrying down. I was never against the marriage either, I say. Of course you pointed out the problem, you are a mother, she say. And now we both have a granddaughter.

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I laugh. A little brown granddaughter, I say. We laugh some more. These days Bess need a walker to walk. She take so many pills, she need two glasses of water to get them all down. Her favorite TV show is about bloopers, and she love her bird feeder. Be careful what you offer, say Bess with a wink. It is inside that she is like not any Chinese girl I ever see. We go to the park, and this is what she does. She stand up in the stroller. She take off all her clothes and throw them in the fountain.

But she just laugh like a crazy person. Before I take over as baby-sitter, Sophie has that crazy-person sitter, Amy the guitar player. My daughter thought this Amy very creative-another word we do not talk about in China. In China, we talk about whether we have difficulty or no difficulty. We talk about whether life is bitter or not bitter. In America, all day long, people talk about creative. Never mind that I cannot even look at this Amy, with her shirt so short that her belly button showing.

This Amy think Sophie should love her body. So when Sophie take off her diaper, Amy laugh. When Sophie go shu-shu in her lap, Amy laugh and say there are no germs in pee. When Sophie take off her shoes, Amy say bare feet is best, even the pediatrician say so. That is why Sophie now walk around with no shoes like a beggar child.

Of course, Sophie does not understand. Sophie clap her hands, I am the only one to say, No! You never take off your clothes when you were little, I say. It gives them low self-esteem, my daughter say. I am not your servant, I say. This is not so hard in the cold weather. Use your words, my daughter say. As if good example mean anything to Sophie. Pretty soon we are stay home all day, and by the end of six hours she still did not have one thing to eat. Sophie say. My daughter laugh again.

Here you go, she say. Still Sophie take off her clothes, until one day I spank her. Then I tell her she is good girl, and give her some food to eat. His voice is like an expert about everything these days, now that he carry a leather briefcase, and wear shiny shoes, and can go shopping for a new car. On the company, he say. Everyone is happy. Even I am happy, because there is more trouble with Sophie, but now I think I can help her Chinese side fight against her wild side. I teach her not to play with garbage cans.

Still, there are problems. Sophie like to climb everything. If there is a railing, she is never next to it. Always she is on top of it. Also, Sophie like to hit the mommies of her friends. She learn this from her playground best friend, Sinbad, who is four. Sinbad wear army clothes every day and like to ambush his mommy.

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He is the one who dug a big hole under the play structure, a foxhole he call it, all by himself. Very hardworking. Now he wait in the foxhole with a shovel full of wet sand. Sophie kick her. This is how, one day, bigger trouble come.

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The bigger trouble start when Sophie hide in the foxhole with that shovel full of sand. She wait, and when I come look for her, she throw it at me. But she know she is in big trouble. She know if she come out, what will happen next. So she does not come out. I am sixty-eight, Chinese age almost seventy, how can I crawl under there to catch her?

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So I yell, yell, yell, and what happen? A Chinese mother would help, but American mothers, they look at you, they shake their head, they go home. Long time this goes on, long long time. You cannot hear too much either. Ifshe does not yell, you cannot even know she is still there or not. After a while, getting cold out, getting dark out.

I try to use a stick, chase her out of there, and once or twice I hit her, but still she does not come out. So finally I leave. But still she does not come out and does not come out. Now it is dinnertime, the sky is black. I think I should maybe go get help, but how can I leave a little girl by herself in the playground?

“Rules of the Game” by Amy Tan and “Who’s Irish” by Gish Jen Essay Sample

A bad man could come. A rat could come. I go back in to see what is happen to Sophie. No answer. By now I worried. What to do, what to do, what to do? He is full of answers until we get home and can see by the lamplight. You cannot use a stick! I brush some sand off my clothes. A daughter I have, a beautiful daughter. I took care of her when she could not hold her head up.

I took care of her before she could argue with me, when she was a little girl with two pigtails, one of them always crooked. I took care of her when we have to escape from China, I took care of her when suddenly we live in a country with cars everywhere, if you are not careful your little girl get run over. But now my daughter take me around to look at apartments. Of course, she is sorry. Sometimes she cry, I am the one to say everything will be okay.

Imagine that. Bess make an offer and, sure enough, where she come from, people mean for you to move in when they say things like that. These days when my daughter visit, she does not bring Sophie. Bess say we should give Nattie time, we will see Sophie again soon. I have a family to support, she say, and her voice is heavy, as if soaking wet. These days my beautiful daughter is so tired she can just sit there in a chair and fall asleep. Of course, the new baby-sitter is much younger, can run around. She call me Meanie, but she like to kiss me too, sometimes.

I remember that every time I see a child on TV. Sophie like to grab my hair, a fistful in each hand, and then kiss me smack on the nose. The satellite TV has so many channels, more channels than I can count, including a Chinese channel from the Mainland and a Chinese channel from Taiwan, but most of the time I watch bloopers with Bess. This story is based on her thoughts and feelings about being a grandmother.

The point of view focuses on the grandmother and begins the story talking about her background. The story is arranged in chronological order. First, Sophie Shea, the granddaughter is introduced. The narrator describes herself as fierce pg. The narrator seems to believe other cultures are strange.

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Which is why the grandmother watched Sophie. This is showed to us throughout the story with spanking beliefs and how the narrator described how it used to be in China when daughters took care of their mothers not the other way around. When Natalie found out the her mother was spanking Sophie she immediately went out looking for a place to live. Natalie felt as if she lost her family support and she has no mother to turn to in her times of need. Each of these stories show how the mother daughter relationship can change in an instant. The culture of old and new, the age difference, and traditions are shown as a big role in these stories.

The mothers grew up with different rules and traditions and as their daughters grew up, the next generation followed different beliefs. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website.


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