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Che Nawi, Noorshella Small online apparel businesses in Malaysia : a framework for customer satisfaction. Cheethirala, Maharshi Bhaswant Investigation of phytonutrients in the treatment of cardio-metabolic disease. Chen, Chun-Che Linking the balanced scorecard to human resource management. Chen, Guangyu Studies on extracellular polysaccharide-degrading enzymes secreted by Pleurotus ostreatus grown on lupin hull. Chen, Li Regenerated desiccant devices for cooling stored grains. Chen, Po-Tsang The role of perceived value in a customer loyalty model : an investigation of the Australian coffee outlet industry.

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Chen, Zejian Advanced microprocessor based intelligent relay for multifunction protection system. Cheng, Jie The influence of fiber hybridisation on dynamic mechanical behavior of natural based composites. Chenoby, Helen The role of ICT in student engagement in learning mathematics in a preparatory university program. Cheung , Anne Lise Tang Fook Assessing calcium absorption from fortified soymilk and fermented fortified soymilk in osteopenic post menopausal women. Chiratpigalpong, Vilaivan Developing policy for staff training programs to meet ISO food factory standards in Thailand.

Chisari, Melina A pilot study of the fundamental elements of osteopathic diagnosis as currently taught in the osteopathy course at Victoria University. Choi, Whan Bong The effect of extrinsic reward on sport performance, perceived competence and intrinsic motivation. Choudhury, Abhijit Roy Damage detection in structures using measured frequency response function data. Christodoulou, Speroulla Enzymatic degradation of egg yolk cholesterol.

Christova-Boal, Diana Installation and evaluation of domestic greywater reuse systems. Chu, Ba Binh The effects of creatine supplementation on performance and metabolism during brief, intermittent, high-intensity exercise. Chu, Binh B Physical activity and fitness of Vietnamese adolescents : cultural, environmental, and socio-economic factors. Chu, Duc Nha Evolutionary structural optimization method for systems with stiffness and displacement constraints.

Chuankamnerdkarn, Prasit Patterns and determinants of Australia's international trade in pharmaceuticals. Chugh, Ritesh Knowledge ubiquity through the transfer of tacit knowledge in Australian universities. Cittadini, Benjamin Wasted space : performance, public space, urban renewal and identity. Clancy, Paul Time and probablity of failure of timber framed walls in fire.

Clark, Laurel Motivating factors for the professional development of a cohort of professional doctorate students in education. Clark, Sally Ann The effects of oestradiol administration on energy metabolism during prolonged exercise in amenorrheic athletes. Clark, W. S Axial load capacity of circular steel tube columns filled with high strength concrete.

Clarke, Denise Timely intervention: before it's too hard : an investigation into the effectiveness of off-site intervention programs for students exhibiting behavioural difficulties in mainstream schools. Clarke, Matthew Is economic growth desirable? A welfare economic analysis of the Thai experience. Claveria, Joevis J Implementation of a digital signal processing DSP boost inverter for fuel cell energy generation. Clemens, Charlotte Learning and teaching cultural connectedness from the secondary art room, or, Survival and success in a secondary art room.

Clever, McLytton Nkonde Sleep quality, beliefs and attitudes about sleep : a comparison of Caucasian Australian, Zimbabwean and Ghanaian black immigrants resident in Australia. Clifford, Rohan Food, water, shelter, fresh air Clohesy, Lachlan Australian cold warrior : the anti-communism of W. Cole, Martin Modelling of disturbed flow regimes in aspirated pipe systems. Cologon, Raymond Joseph An investigation of comparative indices of background of tertiary entrants against academic performance. Comodromos, George How academics respond, adapt and cope with the transformational changes in the Australian Higher Education Sector.

Condliffe, Peter Conflict in the compact city : preferences and the search for justice. Connell, Lisa Mary Human-trafficking for sexual exploitation in Australia : the deafening silence on demand. Conroy, Kate Migraine and emotion: a qualitative pilot study. Cook, Marie Australian stories of coffee in Melbourne and environs : a selective cultural history. Cooke, Matthew The effects of nutritional supplementation on regeneration of muscle function after damage.

Cooley, Dean An investigation of the assumptions of self-handicapping : youth responses to evaluative threat in the physical domain. Cooper, Jayson Co-creating with, and in, a southern landscape. Cooper, Kathryn Joy A female manager in a male-dominated environment: A case study of mentoring and networking in the Australian Football League. Corbett, Brad The effectiveness of swiss ball training on balance in older adults. Corcoran, Jenna Re viewing big brother and per forming the real. Cordy, Nerissa Attention, processing speed and executive functions in children with obstructive and communicating hydrocephalus.

Cornall, Denise Promoting optimal breastfeeding through the osteopathic therapeutic cycle. Research Master thesis, University of Melbourne. Coronado, Stephanie Anne Effect of dietary fats and antioxidants on the frozen storage life of cooked pork products. Cortese, Raimondo Hyperrealism and the everyday in creative practice : exegesis, play, novel. Cosic, Ivan Development and testing of a variable valve timing system VVT for a twincam automotive engine.

Cotton, Alan W The application of microcomputers in large industrial installations distributed microcomputers. Cottrell, Jeremy James Nitric oxide influences muscle physiology and meat quality. Couch, Jen This is what democracy looks like : the genesis, culture and possibilities of anti-corporate activism. Craig, Annemieke Encouraging female students in business computing. Cranston, Michelle L Understanding obesity : psychological cues and antecedents of eating behaviour.

Cremona, Simone Elise Antenatal predictors of maternal bonding for adolescent mothers. Crewe, Angela The effect of playing and training surface on vertical jump height in elite junior male volleyball players : a pilot study. Crossley, Rosemary Breaking the silence : institutional responses to people who use atypical communication strategies. Crozier, Rosemarie The 48 hour patient - who reaps the rewards? Cumner, Marnie Determining clinically relevant neuropsychological change in an epilepsy sample. Currie, Norma The management of the non-clinical knowledge of nurses within North Western Health.

Da Costa, Annette Celine Neuropsychological profiles of children and adolescents with craniosynostosis. Dadswell, Kara Predicting risk of repeat firelighting in young people: the development and evaluation of the Behaviour Risk Tool. Dakich, Eva Towards the social practice of digital pedagogies : teachers' ICT literacy in contemporary primary schools. Daly, Matthew The short term effects of muscle energy technique on thoracic range of motion. Damnet, Anamai Enhancing acquisition of intercultural nonverbal competence : Thai English as a foreign language learners and the use of contemporary English language films.

Dancevic, V. Joseph Factoring of accounts receivable : analysis, international perspectives and the Australian market. Danda, Murali Krishna Reddy Design and analysis of hash functions. Danthuluri, Ravi Investigation on the quality of videoconferencing over the Internet and intranet environments. Dao, Hien Van An investigation into factors affecting the efficacy of oil removal from wildlife using magnetic particle technology.

Das, S. Daskalou, Dean Osteopathic treatments and the techniques used in the treatment of acute mechanical low back pain. Dastgeer, Faizan Direct current distribution systems for residential areas powered by distributed generation. Dave, Rajiv I Factors affecting viability of yoghurt and probiotic bacteria in commercial starter cultures.

Gender diversity in contemporary fiction, a novel and exegesis. Davies, Bernice Regulating the regulators. An empirical study of the influences on the research governance practices in Victorian public healthcare agencies. Davis, Belinda L. Davis, Brooke Maree An investigation of the subjective sleep of elderly women : what is good sleep and how is it achieved.

Davis, Daniel Personality in boys with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder : Rorschach perspectives. Davis, Glen Anthony The relationship between the established and new left groupings in the anit-Vietnam War movement in Victoria, Daw, Josephine Beyond the studio : the creative process in local, site-related dance. PhD thesis, Deakin University. De Fazio, Daniela An exploratory study of neuropsychological impairment, driving performance, and sleepiness in obstructive sleep apnoea and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

De Fazio, Teresa ORCID: "Cold hard words in cyberspace" : a study of non-traditional and traditional distance students, their lecturers and academic learning support. De Silva Lokuwaduge, Chitra Governance and performance : an empirical study of Australian universities. Deans, Cecil Nurses' responses to work-related aggression. Deighton, Nikki Defining the future : creating and sustaining e-confident schooling.

Delaland, Christopher The anti-communist debates and Herb Evatt's paradoxical relationship with civil liberties. Delaney, Caroline Pain, depression, anxiety and disability in back pain : do people seeking osteopathic treatment fit known profiles? Dell'Oro, Lisa Ann The contribution of divided attention to tripping while walking. Delpero, Jackie The tide of history : Australian native title discourse in global perspective. Demediuk, Peter The form and function of local government community engagement initiatives : Swedish case studies. Desai, A. R Strain identification, viability and probiotics properties of lactobacillus Casei.

Di Stefano, Vincent The meaning of natural medicine : an interpretive study. Diah, Ahyar Muhammad The politics of patronage in intergovernmental financial transfer : the role of local elites in East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Diamond, Andrea The career development and identity of Victorian local government chief executives: is gender a factor? Dianawati, Dianawati Survival of encapsulated probiotic bacteria during storage at low water activity at ambient temperature.

Dikbas, Derya Women and development in Solomon Islands : an alternative approach. Dillon, Joanne Thirty years of feminist activism : women in welfare education reflect. Dioguardi, Dino Use of modified atmosphere packaging to extend the shelf-life of whole and pre-cut lettuce. Dissanayake, Muditha Modulation of functional properties of whey proteins by microparticulation. Dodd, Sue Gossip pop: A performative investigation of the role of pop in contemporary art practice. Dodson, Craig The birds and reptiles of the Iramoo Green Web, Brimbank : scoping the requirements for conservation.

Dolan, Chelsea Louise Developmental perspectives on community beliefs and attitudes about sleep. Donkor, Osaana ORCID: Influence of probiotic organisms on release of bioactive compounds in yoghurt and soy yoghurt. Doughney, James R Profit and accumulation : Marxist theories and the Australian evidence, Dow, Malcolm James Disabled person's control, communication and entertainment aid : an investigation of the feasibility of using speech control and natural language understanding to control a manipulator and a software application and development environment.

Downes, Gregory Maurice An oral history of women's football in Australia. Dragomir, Nicoleta Microscopic characterisation of photonic devices. Dragomir, Sergiu Ciprian Granular sloshing absorbers for vibration control. Drake, Colin N A conceptual framework for assessing the role that corporate hospitality plays on customer loyalty and purchase intentions. Other Degree thesis, University of Sussex.

Drieberg, Micheal Channel assignment strategies for throughput enhancement in high density wireless local area networks. Drinkwater, Eric J Muscular strength, fitness and anthropometry in elite junior basketball players. DuRinck, Lachlan The inevitable Australian republic and the unlearning of traditional national identity.

Dumas, Russell Necessary incursions : rethinking the unstable body in dance. Dumee, Ludovic Carbon-nanotube-based membranes for water desalination by membrane distillation. Duncan, Shelley The next step: the influence of acute exercise on cognitive function during locomotive goal-directed behaviour. Duong, Maggie Access control model and labelling scheme for efficient querying and updating XML data. Dwyer, Natasha Traces of digital trust : an interactive design perspective.

Eagleton, Danny Geoffrey Creep properties of corrugated fibreboard containers for produce in simulated road transport environment. Earl, Catherine Longing and belonging : an ethnographic study of migration, cultural capital and social change among Ho Chi Minh City's re-emerging middle classes. Eden, Dzulzalani Workplace dispute resolution in Malaysia : investigating conciliation claims for reinstatement. Ediriweera, Amali Family dynamics and family-business success through work-family interface in tourism in Sri Lanka.

Edwards, Fiona Frequency and duration of low back pain in female hockey players compared to two other populations. Edwards, Kenneth J. Eghliaow, Salem Mohamed An empirical examination of the determinants of audit report delay in Libya. Elder, William Brian Numerical model for analysis and control of the quality of bulk-stored grain using cold air.

Elderkin, Tania Retention of graduates of critical care nursing courses undertaken in Victorian regional centres between and Elfahri, Khaled Release of bioactive peptides from milk proteins by lactobacillus species. Elliot, John Gerard Airway dimensions in the sudden infant death syndrome. Emslie, Dianne The molecular basis of the ethanol-stress response in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. English, Carolyn J The experience of the menopause and climacteric of women in Australia from a non-English speaking background.

Erdugan, Riza The effect of economic factors on the performance of the Australian stock market. Esnouf, Melissa The effect of osteopathic treatment on lung function in children with asthma: a case study. Espinosa Abascal, Trinidad Australian Indigenous Tourism: why the low participation rate from domestic tourists? Espinosa Abascal, Trinidad Demand for Indigenous tourism in Australia: understanding consumer behaviour.

Evans, Megan From the ridiculous to the sublime : examining the relationship between perception and reality in the context of a historical view of the virtual. Evans-Barker, Jacqueline Executive functions in early adulthood : data for the controlled animal fluency test. Everitt-Deering, Patricia The adoption of information and communication technologies by rural general practitioners: a socio technical analysis. Fairman, Brian Francis Looking for a way out: Skills development and training and its impact on aid practices and their development outcomes, with particular reference to Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

Farthing, Rebecca The effects of slow rib raising on heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate and pain pressure threshold. Farvis, Marie Joan The provision of a culturally sensitive home-like environment in residential aged care : experiences from Melbourne's West. Fatah, Bashir Ahtesh Anti-hypertensive Angiotensin converting enzyme-inhibitory peptides released from milk proteins by proteolytic microorganisms and enzymes. Faulds, Stuart Exploration of Zulu mothers' choice of food for their children.

Fazel, Fatemeh The effects of different types of imagery delivery on performance and self-efficacy. Fazio, Elissa Effectiveness of smoke barriers : pressurised stair enclosures. Featherston, Jessica A comparison of the effect of muscle energy technique Chaitow method and passive stretching on hanstring extensibility. Febbraio, Mark Anthony The effect of environmental temperature on exercise metabolism. Fedele, Vince An investigation of methods to reduce solvent emissions, for the printing of flexible packaging substrates. Feng, Helen Chunying Investigation of the oxytocin receptor gene in sheep.

Fergus, Larissa My sister chaos : women and exile : a novel and inter-layered exegesis. Fernando, Anthony Ernest Modelling of fire spread and the growth of fire in buildings using computational fluid dynamics. Fernando, Emmanuel Identifying and predicting turning points in Australian inbound tourism demand growth.

Fernando, Sabrina Continuing education needed by park and recreation professionals to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities. Fernando, Susil Francis Investigation into two Australian medicinal plants Viola odorata and Euphorbia peplus for anticancer agents. Ferrer, Justine Reconceptualising engagement : a study of Australian academics. Ferringo, Peter A. Fetterplace, Jessica The nature and rate of injury in elite sport aerobics athletes.

Finger, Annett Utility of the Little Penguin Eudyptula minor as a bioindicator of coastal metal pollution. Firth, Lucy Learning in industry, innovation and growth. Fitzgerald, Rosemary The mechanics of blind. Fitzpatrick, Maree Corporate governance in the Victorian public health sector. Flaherty, Kelly Job satisfaction and occupational stress in experienced osteopaths.

Fleischl, Juliet Anne Developing continuing education curricula in a developing country : acknowledging culture and context. Fletcher, Scott The final hour: coach-athlete interactions immediately prior to performance in basketball. Flint, Deanna What is the relationship between indicators of stress and academic performance in third year university students: a follow up study. Fluker, Martin Perceived risk in adventure tourism.

Fogarty, Sarah Understanding and treating eating disorders from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective. Foley, Patrick Wayne Course climate, student stress and practitioner burnout. Fong, Michelle Wye Leng Information technology and economic growth : the case of the banking system in the People's Republic of China.

Foo, Paul and Nicholls, Brian Surfing injuries in recreational surfers. Foo, Yin Fah A cross-cultural study of accounting concepts applied in international financial reporting standards. Fooks, Deborah Panic disorder : exploration of attachment, heterogeneity and the regulation of anger. Fortunato, Vanda Role transitions of elite Australian rules footballers. Foster, Duncan Music and community development: perspectives on relationships, roles and structures in music in community. Frank, Damian Investigation of the biochemical basis of browning during the storage of sultanas.

Franzese, Pasquale A framework for the successful outsourcing of Australian corporate real estate. Frazer, Ashlyn K Physiological studies investigating the effect of homeostatic plasticity of the motor cortex on the expression of muscle strength. Free, Sally-Ann Support for parents of gifted and talented children in the western region of Melbourne. Freeman, Malcolm How fire risks should be managed in enclosed Australian shopping centres. Freitas, Salustiano The Indonesians teach us how to hate their violence but also how to resist : East Timor - 19 years of resistance.

Frichitthavong, Phouthava Tara Policy development and implementation : a multiple sector collaborative approach in social, health, and community fields. Frois, Lisa The effect of isometric muscle energy technique and therapeutic jaw exercises on pain of the temporomandibular joint. Fryer, Gary Distinguishing characteristics of thoracic medial paraspinal structures determined as abnormal by palpation.

Fu, Lulu Effects of kiwi-fruit seaweed extract on the metabolism of female reproductive hormones. Fuller, Luke The effect of thoracolumbar high velocity low amplitude manipulation on gross trunk range of motion: is the direction of thrust important? Funder, Michelle A study of schoolgirl's perceptions of injury associated with rowing. Galante, Rosa An investigation of subjective and objective sleepiness, performance and mood in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea and shift-workers. Galati, Connie Learning styles, teaching styles and literacy acquisition in upper primary school.

Galea, Melissa Subjective sleep quality in the elderly: relationship to anxiety, depressed mood, sleep beliefs, quality of life, and hypnotic use. Gallaher, Emma Louise Recovering from repeat sprint activity and elite Australian football training and competition: do compression garments help? Gamage, Nilantha Daily streamflow estimation using remote sensing data.

Gandolfo, Enza My life is over now : a novel and critical commentary. Ganjera, Mohammad Akhtar Nawaz A comparative and historical analysis of elite sport programs in Australia and Pakistan, Gao, Chun Systems for the development of athletic talent in Australia and China : a comparative analysis. Gaskin, Cadeyrn James Physical activity in the lives of adults with cerebral palsy. Gatti, Danielle Marie Eating behaviours and attitudes in narcolepsy and their association with sleepiness and mood.

Gebreslassie, Berhane Design, modelling and simulation of a green building energy efficient system. Geiblinger, Helmut Biomechanical perspectives of competition landings in gymnastics. Georgievski, Mladen Quality of service management for multimedia communications : investigations on usability of interfaces for desktop and portable systems. Georgiou, Helen Reasons for use and disclosure of complementary medicine by people with haemoglobinopathy.

Gerber, Tracey The metabolic responses of high intensity intermittent exercise in healthy untrained adults. Ghanayem, Omar Hussien Development and implementation of a methodology for fuzzy logic controller design. Ghosh, Madhubani Development and economic evaluation of strategies to reduce turnaround time at the Calcutta Haldia port complex : a simulation modeling approach.

Ghuangpeng, Siriwan Factors influencing career decision-making : a comparative study of Thai and Australian tourism and hospitality students. Giannis, Greg Peripato Telematikos: walking, cartography and software art. PhD thesis, Victoria. Gillespie, Christine My ornament : writing women's moving, erotic bodies across time and space : a novel and exegesis. Gilley, Tim Enhancing learning in early childhood within the family : evaluation of practice and theory in a multi-cultural context.

Giri, Ram Ashish The adaptation of language testing models to national testing of school graduates in Nepal : processes, problems and emerging issues. Glanville, Louise Women going places : women and transport in a competitive environment. Glavas, Ivan M The appointment of a voluntary administrator by unsecured creditors : a case for the introduction of such a right.

Godfrey, Celia Responses to an early childhood educational intervention with disadvantaged families: an exploratory study. Godoy, W. Gogoasa, Ion Fibre optic sensor for speed measurement. Gondal, Iqbal Application of modal analysis using adaptive schemes of interference cancellation for power line carrier communication systems. Goodwin, Rayne Presumption of perception: people with arthritis challenge the importance of pain in treatment.

Gor, Leon Complexity reduction in multiple input multiple output algorithms. Gordoncillo, Prudenciano Uljer Work allocation behaviour in rural Philippines : a bounded rationality model. Gosling, Cameron McRae Development of an incremental step test that accounts for lower limb length for people undergoing rehabilitation. Gotlib, Ralph Australian rules football and distributive justice. Goulding, Carmel Resident travel motives in a small island state : the influence of visiting friends and relatives on travel by Tasmanian residents.

Gow, Greg The language of culture and the culture of language : Oromo identity in Melbourne, Australia. Gowans, Catherine J Second language learning strategies and factors affecting their use : a qualitative study of the experiences of missionaries in Nepal. Gradinscak, Marija Liquid sloshing in containers with flexibility. Graham, Anne Carolyn Experiences following a suicide attempt. Graham, Victoria K An indigenous perspective in wilderness experiential learning : enhancing relationships with nature and place. Granata, Cesare Effects of different exercise intensity and volume on markers of mitochondrial biogenesis in human skeletal muscle.

Grant, Jayson Allan Improving the design of travelling wave type sloshing absorbers. Gray, Owen Incidence of musculoskeletal problems among instrumental music students. Green, Jennifer Challenging disadvantage : the social outcomes of an early educational intervention within the family. Griffiths, Debra Agreeing on a way forward: management of patient refusal of treatment decisions in Victorian hospitals.

Griffiths, Lorrae Chronic low back pain: osteopaths' attitudes and management. Griggs, Joanne Louise The effects of Caralluma Fimbriata on appetite behaviour and associated neural pathways in Prader-Willi syndrome. Grison, Moreno Employee participation in the Australian Taxation Office : a study of middle and frontline management responses. Grow, Heath Scott Praeesse in hospitio: an investigation into leadership styles of hotel managers. Grubinger, Michael Analysis and evaluation of visual information systems performance.

Guducu, Hanife Borderline personality disorder : the attitudes of mental health clinicians. Guevara, Jose Roberto Quintos Popular environmental education : progressive contextualization of local practice in a globalizing world. Guo, Yan Developing the information industry in China : a case study in government learning in the plan to market transition, Gupta, Ruchi Derivatives markets and real economic activity. Gutierrez, Ben Paul Baltazar The dynamics of brand choice behaviour in selected personal care products in urban Philippines.

Hafeez, Sayyada Amatul The genetics of mycolic acids biosynthesis in Corynebacterium glutamicum. Haimes, Gervase A. Hallett, Rhonda Working knowledge of academic practice : implications for professional development. Hallgarten, Kathleen F Deadly playgrounds: relief teachers and reporting of bullying incidents in Victorian primary schools. Halstead-Lyons, Susan Planning and agriculture : the impact of planning controls on agriculture in the Shire of Bass. Hamilton, Luke The effect of high-velocity, low-amplitude manipulation on suboccipital tenderness. PhD thesis, University of Merlbourne.

Hampton, Kerry Towards a feminist philosophy of fertility consciousness. Han, Jin-Song Motives for taking up tai chi. Han, Julie You-Hee Pressure signature in adverse-pressure-gradient wall bounded turbulent flows. Hanna, George T Cubature reduction using the theory of inequalities.

Hanna, George T Cubature rules from a generalized Taylor perspective. Hansanti, Songporn Beau Financial liberalisation and the crisis in Thailand in Hao, Yanan Efficient web services discovery and composition. Haque, Md. Zahidul A sequential approach of solving second order AC-DC load flow and state estimation problem.

Haque, Rowshan Ara An economic analysis of employment conditions of non-English speaking migrant women in Australia. Harding, Lauren The importance of an early positive change in pain and function in determining overall clinical improvement following strengthening treatment for chronic neck pain. Harris, Anne Cross-marked : Sudanese-Australian young women talk education. Harris, Greg Maxwell Australian athletes' perceptions of sport psychology services. Harris, Matthew Clinical thinking: does your choice of university make a difference? Harrison, Lorraine Jessie Feeling the heat : workers' experiences of job stress in the Victorian community services sector.

Harrison, Nicholas A study of injuries associated with golf. Hart, Karen The efficacy of community justice intervention services to increase social capital and reduce incarceration for young adults. Hart, Keith Allen Mean reversion in asset prices and asset allocation in investment management. Hart, Keith Allen Modelling the asset allocation process and the effectiveness of the models through time. Harten, Peta Exploration of spousal carers' lived experience of loss.

Harvey, Kathryn Opportunities for marketing chilled Indian samosas in Australia. Haryadi, Haryadi Volatility of returns, trading volume and the impact of macroeconomic announcements: high-frequency evidence from the Indonesian stock market. Hashmi, Irfan A. Hatton, Matthew J Intra and inter-specific variation in the reproductive strategies of two Bolboschoenus species from south-eastern Australia. Hausmann, Angela Membrane distillation in dairy processing. Haveckin, Brian Information technology outsourcing by large Australian organisations.

Havrila, Inka Irena Patterns and determinants of Australia's international trade in textiles and clothing. Hawking, Paul Factors critical to the success of business intelligence systems. Hayes, Nyuk S Outsourcing of typical accounting functions : impact on the accounting services industry. He, Li Assessing visitors' place attachment and associated intended behaviours related to tourism attractions. Healy, Matthew Hard sell : Australian football in Sydney. Hede, Anne-Marie A conceptual and empirical investigation of the determinants of consumer satisfaction within the context of special events : attribute- and value-based perspectives.

Hede, Anne-Marie A research agenda for the study of empowerment in hospitality organisations. Hedges, Christopher The effects of physiological acidosis on skeletal muscle mitochondrial function, ROS balance, and intracellular signalling. Heenetigala, Kumi Corporate governance practices and firm performance of listed companies in Sri Lanka. Heffernan, S. P Can vocational training be better structured to facilitate the acquisition of job related skills?

Hegarty, Kathryn From mountains to molehills : episodes from the life of a survivor : incorporating the exegetical essay, A mirror cracked : women, writing, healing. Hellyer, David The effect of prophylactic ankle braces on postural sway. Henderson, Fiona Connecting higher education and the Chinese workplace : what makes a Chinese graduate with an Australian qualification employable in China?

Hendriks, Mark Willem Adrianus Sources, distribution and speciation of aluminium in wine production. Herath, LiyanaArachchige Sanjeewani Rupika Development and evaluation of low density polyethylene-based antimicrobial food packaging films containing natural agents. Herbert, Shirley Marion Motivating male primary underachievers through a technoliteracy curriculum.

Herbertson, Helen Morphia series. Hickman, Bronwen Mary Gaunt : a biography. Hicks, Catherine Helen The centre cannot hold : the experiences of post-apartheid migrants from South Africa to Australia. Higgins, Jenny Carbohydrate hydrolases and their role in bread production. Higgins, Suzanne Joy Combining parenting and paid work.

Hill, Gavin Peak power reduction in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing transmitters. Hinwood, Marian A study of influences and experiences contributing to the attitudes of a group of vocational students towards science. Ho, Thanh Thuy The impact of taxation reforms and other factors on the capital structure of real estate enterprises.

Hoang, Thi Thanh Van Urban planning and the place marketing model : an application to cities and provinces in Viet Nam. Hocking, Debbie The journey of a lifetime : conceptualising mental health in community-based asylum-seekers negotiating the refugee determination process. Hodgson, Lauren The effect of manual pressure release on myofascial trigger points in the upper trapezius muscle. Hollier, Nathan From Hope to Disillusion? Hong, Jin Wang Chinese economic and financial reforms : implications for foreign financial institutions.

Honisett, Suzy Menopause and cardiovascular, metabolic and bone parameters. Hood, Bernadett Marian Information processing in narcolepsy. Hopwood, Melissa The developmental history of athletes questionnaire : towards a comprehensive understanding of the development of sport expertise. Hoque, Mohammad Ziaul Industrial loan default : the case of Bangladesh.

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Horgan, Ian The influence of an online collaboration tool on relationships in inter-organisational networks. Horvath, Deanna Maree The effect of taurine on dystrophic muscle tissue function. Hoseinifirouzabadi, Elahe Understanding drivers for, and barriers to green jobs in the tourism sector: a case study of Rafsanjan, Iran.

Hossain, Aysha Contractual coloniality : strategic state intervention in aboriginal governance. Hosseinzadeh, Nasser Power system stabilisers using fuzzy logic and neural networks. Hough, Natasha A study of physiotherapists' and chiropractors' knowledge and opinions of osteopaths. Howard, John Donald Breathing embodiment: a study of Middendorf breathwork. Hristov, Aleksandra A pilot study investigating professional standardisation and harmonisation in osteopathic institutions within Europe and Australia.

Hrysomallis, Con Anthropomorphic thigh for impact assessment. Hrysomallis, Con Biomechanical characteristics of the lower extremities of amputee versus normal subjects. Hua, Bin Evaluation of the efficacy of a Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. Huang, Guangyan Semantics orientated spatial temporal data mining for water resource decision support. Thailand VTS: an analysis of its capabilities to enhance the safety and efficiency of navigation , Theeratch Amphanthongpaphakul.

Investigating the issue of maritime domain awareness: the case of Ghana , Michael Agyare Asiamah. Challenges towards sustainable port development in India: the adverse effects of port development on coastal ecology and community in Ennore : a case study , Balaji Balasubramanian. Ship operational performance modelling for voyage optimization through fuel consumption minimization , Meriam Chaal. Cyber-security and marine insurance , Davit Dadiani. Port Management, Thailand. The challenges and opportunities of anti-fouling systems: investigating of future demand and identifying the potential of energy saved , Fawzy Fathalla Fawzy Dekinesh.

Maritime Energy Management, Egypt. Biofouling impacts on the environment and ship energy efficiency , Adel Ali Desher. Assessing the impact of national single window on the competitiveness of Ghana's maritme sector , Rhodalyn Djanitey. Switching paper to electronic bills of lading : legal perspective and reform options for Vietnam , Thi Mai Anh Doan. Managing single-use land-based plastics in Cameroon: recommendation drawn from global experiences , Etakong Tabeyang. Challenges to the legal framework governing liability and compensation for oil pollution in the Caspian Sea: the case of the Republic of Azerbaijan , Ramil Gasimov.

Maritime Energy Management, Iran. Modelling hybrid renewable energy system for Philippine Merchant Marine Academy: a feasibility study , Nayan Guimpayan. Maritime Energy Management, Philippines. Threats, challenges and opportunities to marine protected areas in the coral triangle area: a case study of Indonesia sea , Baso Hamdani. The maritime education and training sector: beyond traditional quality management , Htet Khaing Kyi Lin. Harnessing the potentials of blue economy for sustainable development of Nigeria , Hammed Damilare Ibrahim.

Resilience of the Nigerian coastal socio-ecological system: case study of the Niger Delta region , Chinenye Joy Ijiomah. Barriers to the implementation of energy efficiency in the Nigerian maritime industry , Augustine Obomhereru Imhomoh. Maritime Energy Management, Sweden. The impact of autonomous ships on the containerised shipping interface of global supply chains- and networks: a literature examination of selected stakeholder perspectives , Dirk Johannes Janse Van Rensburg.

Implementation of lean enterprise and renewable energy in port castries Saint Lucia , Thecla Sabrina Joseph. Port Management, Saint Lucia. Assesing port reception facilities for ship generated solid waste: the case of the Port of Walvis Bay, Namibia. An analysis of the maritime pilot training and certification : a comparative study between Denmark and Namibia , Suoma Nangolo Kalulu. A study on the definition of ship related seaborne oil transportation , Seokjin Kang. Ocean energy overview: feasibility study of ocean energy implementation in indonesia , Ardy Kusuma.

Maritime Energy Management, Indonesia. An analysis of the need for a pilot civil liability restriction system in South Korea for marine safety , Jae Kun Lim. Assessing the preparedness of stakeholders for the cabotage law in Ghana , Benjamin Logodam Panlogo. Research to improve maritime education and training for energy efficient ship operation in China , Chunsheng Ma. Probabilistic Exposure Assessment of Acrylamide in Oils. Safety of antimalarial drugs exposure during early pregnancy.

Access to employment in Kenya: the voices of persons with disabilities. Relevance of vocational training programme for persons with disabilities in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Evidence of alcoholic beverages laced with cannabis sold in bars in the Accra Metropolis. Dynamics of immunological memory to plasmodium falciparum infection among Ghanaians living in a malaria hypo-endemic region.

Purity and adulterant analysis of cocaine seized in Ghana. Genetic diversity of p. Morphological analysis of human hair among Ashanti and Dagomba ethnic groups of Ghana. Epidemiological, hematological and biochemical features in complicated severe and uncomplicated malaria infection in Ghanaian children.

Proteomics of Buruli Ulcer Disease Healing. Assessing dietary pattern and its association with hypertension among the elderly in the Tano North District in the Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana. A comparative study of different laboratory storage conditions and DNA extraction methods for enhanced forensic analysis of soil-human blood mixed sample. A preliminary study of the antiproliferative properties of crude blighia sapida seeds extracts on lung, prostate, skin, leukemic cancers and normal human liver cells. Evaluation of the anti-proliferative effect, antioxidant and phytochemical constituents of Ficus pumila Linn.

Prevalence of speech disorder in school children from class one to class six in Offinso Municipality in Ashanti Region. Swelling characteristics of conventional and organic preservative-treated porous tropical utility hardwood [ceiba pentandra l. Investigation of synergistic effects of extracts from Erythrophleum suaveolens, Azadirachta indica, and Chromolaena odorata on the durability of Antiaris toxicaria. The effect of stake dimension on the field performance of two hardwoods with different durability classes. Thermal conductivity, resistance and specific heat capacity of chemically-treated, widely-used timber for building-envelope.

Estimation of borehole yield using vertical electrical sounding data: a case study from Kwabre District. Effects of mulching materials on agronomic characteristics, pests of pepper Capsicum annuum L.

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Cultivars to Field and Storage Pests. Impact of forest management systems on diversity and abundance of butterflies at Asenanyo forest reserve, Ghana. Build-up of insect pests and their natural enemies on rotated and non-rotated okra Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench , tomato Lycopersicon esculentus Mill and egg plant Solanum melongena L. Cultivars by the Cowpea Beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus F. Comparing the Effectiveness of Garlic Allium sativum L. The effect of different percentages of bulking agent sawdust on microbial quality of faecal sludge.

Assessing the influence of land administration systems on physical development in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis. Migration: community consequences and individual migrant experiences in Agbogbloshie. Evaluating the factors that contribute to employee turnover at Toase medical centre.

Antibacterial use and resistance pattern at the accident and emergency Department of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. Towards a sustainable procurement in Ghana. Groundnut Arachis hypogaeaL. Spatial Analysis of Crime within the Kumasi Metropolis. Water quality of hand dug wells sited in close proximity to pit laterines in homes at new Dormaa Residential area in the Sunyani Municipality of Ghana. Packaging Design-Application of standards and benchmarking in the Ghanaian food packaging industry.

Water supply and utilization in small towns in Ghana. A Case study of Saboba District. The effectiveness of quality management in the design and construction industry in Ghana. Exploration of innovative techniques for textile printing. Clients perception towards the establishment of construction industry development agency in Ghana. Assessing the financial management practices of decentralised departments in the Kintampo Municipal Assembly.

If you love me… Actualities birthed in impossibilities—Kumasi Locomotive Shed and other lines along Ghana rail tracks. The role of internal and external factors in the cultivation of life-long reading habits of tweenagers in Accra. Development of works procurement policy guidelines for a private tertiary institution: A case study of the Methodist University College Ghana. Paradigm shift in poultry feeding: the development of omega 3 enriched eggs. Extent of use of computer-aided project planning and control systems in the Ghanaian construction industry.

Contextual versus compositional effects on cumulative fertility in Ghana — a multilevel analysis. Examining the export strategies and its effects on the performance of agro-processing industry of Ghana. A study on mobile money and retail banking services in Kumasi Metropolis. The effect of population growth and energy intensity on electricity consumption in Ghana.

Households willingness to pay improved solid waste disposal services in Kumasi metropolis. A combination of textile, Fasion and Sculpture for unconventional costume mounted on statue. Dynamics and growth of street food enterprises in Kumasi Metropolis. Case Study of Sekondi-Takoradi. Combining ability of early and intermediate maize Zea Mays L.

The effect of organisational culture on the performance of workers of Ghana Standard Authority. An investigation into local revenue mobilisation at the Nkoranza South Municipality. The nexus between output fluctuations and fiscal deficits: Empirical evidence on Ghana. Risk management practices of foreign contractors in Ghana. The effect of inflation targeting on macroeconomic performance in Ghana. Evaluation of starch properties, phytochemical coposition and antimicrobial activities of Yam Bean Pachyrhizus erosus L.

The impact of illegal farming on biodiversity of Bui river forest reserve in Sefwi Wiawso forest district, Ghana. Assessing the effectiveness of in-service training on employee performance: A case study of Nurses in Kumasi South Hospital. Assessing the level of e-business adoption among the hospitality industry in Ghana: a case of some selected hotels in Ghana.

Macroeconomic determinants of the Ghana stock exchange market performance.

Determinants of customer satisfaction in retail bankng at Dunkwa, Ghana. An investigation into marketing challenges affecting manufacturers of footwear in the Kumasi Metropolis. Land grabbing and rural livelihood sustainability: experiences from the Bui dam construction in Ghana. An investigation into customer care practices in public hospitals in Kumasi Metropolis. Studies on energy and environmental economics. The nexus between financial development and economic growth: empirical evidence from Ghana.

The impact of customer relationship management capability dimension on organizational performance in the micro, small and medium scale enterprises; the moderating effect of competitive intensity. The impact of customer care on consumer purchasing behaviour in the life assurance industry in Ghana: a moderating effect of educational background.

The impact of customer service on customer patronage in banking—the mediating effect of ICT adoption. The impact of customer service on customer loyalty and retention in Zenith Bank Ghana Limited. Macroeconomic determinants of lending rates in Ghana. Social capital, innovativeness and performance of micro and small family businesses in Ghana. The impact of organizational cultural traits on staff retention in banking: Stanbic Bank Ghana Limited in Kumasi Metropolis. Psychological contract violation, abusive supervision, gossips and employee cynicism among health workers in Ghana.

The Mediating effect of Customer Service. Issues and challenges of export diversification in Ghana: firm level analysis. The performance of mutual fund in Ghana: a case study of Anidaso Mutual Fund. The impact of exchange rate movements on import demand behaviour of Ghana. Investigating the challenges of cocoa purchasing process in Ghana. Analysis of surface interpolation algorithms for different surface types. Effects of decentralised procurement on productivity: a case study of Zoomlionn Ghana Limited. Developing instructional resources from selected recycled materials for art education.

Comparative study of safety of taxi and trotro in the Kumasi Metropolitan Area. An exploratory study into relationship types between building contractors and material suppliers in the Ghanaian Construction Industry. Evaluation of yam varietal response to vine multiplication technique under three growth media. Chev and Terminalia ivorensis A. Chev ]. Inheritance and combining ability studies on grain yield and resistance to maize weevil Sitophilus Zeamais, Motschulsky among extra early quality protein maize inbred lines.

Exploratory study on the effect of location on project cost within the Ghanaian Construction Industry. Evaluation of different soil amendments on growth and yield of three accessions of taro Colocasia Esculenta. Developing guidelines for managing subcontractors within the constraints of cost and time. Review of the hydraulic capacity of some existing culverts on selected roads in Kumasi Metropolis Ghana. The impact of poor stakeholders involvement in the planning and implementation of construction projects case study: Accra Metropolis, Ghana. An investigation into the strategic positioning of facility management in organizations in Ghana A case study of Ghana Commercial Bank.

Phenotypic characterisation and genetic diversity of the local pig of Ghana. Growth and yield response of soybean varieties to inoculation and nitrogen levels. Effects of pre-germination treatments and storage periods on germination, vigour, chemical and health composition of seeds of three cassava Manihot esculenta Crantz cultivars. A laboratory investigation into the effect of confinement on the dynamic cone penetration index of a lateritic soil for field compaction verification.

Intake, digestibility, and nitrogen balance of sheep fed bambara groundnut haulm as supplement to a maize stover basal diet. Phenotyping of Striga gesnerioides Willd. Interfacing traditional studio painting with digital artistry. Evaluation of herbicides and fungicides on groundnut Arachis Hypogaea l. Enablers of lean construction concept to affordable housing schemes in Ghana.

Genetic analysis of simple sequence repeat markers and morphological traits variation in lowland, mid-altitude and highland African maize Zea mays L. An appraisal of the Ghana Highway Authority road design guide. Effects of desiccants, packaging materials and storage periods on seed quality and longevity dynamics of three indigeneous forest tree species. Genetic diversity studies of tropical Ipgri maize Zea mays L.

Landraces held in iita by agromorphological and simple sequence repeats marker evaluation. Yield response of soybean and cowpea to rock phosphate fertilizer blend and rhizobial inoculation on two benchmark soils of northern Ghana. Risk identification and analysis as practiced by construction firms in Ghana. Investigation into early deterioration of surface dressings in Ghana. Adoption of Prefabrication for Construction Projects in Tamale. GIS web-based solution for ecg asset tracking and billing A case study at adentan municipality.

Effect of different storage methods on the quality characteristics of cowpea grains a case study of Dormaa Ahenkro District. A study on investors's perception towards mutual fund investment: A case study of Prudential Bank Limited. Assessment of black cotton soil as substitute for bentonite in liner and drilling applications.

Incorporating joint flexibility in collapse risk assessment. Walp varieties. Impact of stress on the occurrence of accidents on construction sites in Ghana. Compulsory land acquisition and payment of compensation in Ghana. Impact of relocating utility services during road construction: the management of issues when they arise. Shear behaviour of self compacting concrete beams reinforced with palm kernel fibre. Effect of different concentrations of ga3 and polyethylene film linings on the physicochemical properties and shelf- life of banana Cavendish stored under different environments.

Impact of zoning on land use in peri urban areas, city of Kigali, Rwanda. Exploitation of heterosis in sweetpotato Ipomoea batatas L. Lam via progeny testing and use of molecular markers. Offshore printing: a study on the printing industry in Ghana. Effects of NPK and poultry manure rates on the growth, nitrogen fixation and grain yield of soybean Glycine max l Merrill. Genetic diversity in Liberian and Ghanaian rice Oryza Sativa l. Risk perception and agricultural insurance development strategy for cashew crop farmers in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana.

Collaboration in the Ghanaian construction industry: perceived barriers and benefits. An investigation into worker satisfaction with construction site welfare provisions. Assessing the adequacy of construction planning and scheduling data utilized by construction firms in Ghana. Effects of intercropping and cropping systems on the postharvest quality of maize and roselle. Laterite as a material for ceramic art tile finishing. Ascertaining the general uses and nutritional composition of desert date Balanites aegyptiaca identified in the West Gonja District of Ghana.

Exploring project risk management practices of Ghanaian building contractors.

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  • Development of a building energy efficiency assessment tool for office buildings in Ghana. Groundwater contamination through cyanide and metal migration from tailings dam operation. Qualitative mutant genes within the local chicken population in Ghana: their influence on growth performance and egg production. The impact of information management on project delivery in Ghana. Community participation and challenges to implementation of health programmes: the case of community-based management of acute malnutrition in Tolon District, Ghana.

    Assessing the risk of exposure of underground mine workers to respirable mine dust and diesel particulate matter hazards, a case study of Chirano Gold Mines Company Limited, Ghana. The effects of oil exploitation on residental rental housing- A case of Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis. An assessment of payment delays in public construction projects and its effect on project pre-financing in Ghana — case study, educational buildings. Evaluation of local feed resources, their response on intake, growth, milk yield and composition and product properties of Namibian indigenous goats. Studies on sweet potato viruses from the major sweet potato growing agro-ecologies of Ghana.

    Spatial mapping of carbon stock in mangroves in the Ellembelle District, Ghana. Effect of variety and processing methods on the physicochemical and sensory properties of gari in three districts of the Brong Ahafo Region. Determinants of modern contraceptive use among migrant female head porters in Asokore-Mampong Municipality.

    Examining the nexus between inflation and unemployment in Ghana: the Philips Curve Model. The impact of pricing on customer loyalty in savings and loans sector in the financial industry: the mediating effect of customer service. Determinants of family low income in urban Zongo communities: the case study of selected communities in the Kumasi Metropolis. The impact of interest rate spreads on the profitability of commercial banks in Ghana; a case study of standard Chartered bank Ghana Limited.

    Climate variability and food crop production in the Bawku Municipality. Effect of organisational re-engineering on employees performance : Case study of Toyota Ghana Limited. Analyses of perceptions and adaptations to climate change by rice farmers: case study in the Ashanti and Northern Regions of Ghana. The determinants of foreign direct investment inflows in Ghana. Impact of advertisement on organizational performance in the pharmaceutical industry, the mediating role of customer care. Socio-Economic determinants of child survival in the Gomoa East District of the central region of Ghana.

    Presbyterianism in ghana from to responding to the existential needs in the Kwahu Presbytery. Urban flood risk management: a case study of Aboabo, Kumasi. Evaluation of three-way hybrid maize Zea mays l. For grain yield and associated traits in the savannas of northern Ghana. Construction site management practices and their influence on the performance of local contractors in Ghana. Effect of financial innovation on the performance of Universal Banks in Ghana. A study of the roles of public works departments of metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies in the delivery of construction projects in selected regions in Ghana.

    An investigation into construction-related foreign direct investment and technology spillovers. Response of soybean to rhzobial inoculation and nitrogen management options in the southern guinea savannah zone of Ghana. Assessment of physico- chemical properties of processed and unprocessed tomato Lycopersco esculentum vars manica and power. Access and use of e-books among students in Senior High Schools: a case study of schools in Kumasi Metropolis. Assessing the challenges facing small and medium scale enterprises sourcing funding in Ghana A case study of cold stores in the Kumasi Metropolis.

    Sustainable procurement practice in Ghana: the perspective of the banking sector. Strategic outsourcing at Anglogold Ashanti: a success or failure. A case study of selected companies in the Kumasi Metropolis. Promoting sustainable procurement within the road sector in Ghana: A case study of Department of Urban Road offices in Accra. Reporductive growth, yield and postharvest quality response of two garden eggs cultivars to application of biozyme bio-stimulant in the forest agro-eco zone. Examining the impact of works procurement methods in the Ghana Armed Forces.

    Availability and quality of cost data for detailed construction cost estimating in Ghana. The impact of customer care on consumer repurchasing behaviour in the telecom industry in Ghana, the mediating role of service quality. The impact of doctor-patient interaction on patient loyalty in eye healthcare delivery at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. The mediating role of service quality. Strategic planning and performance of micro and small family businesses in Ghana.

    The resource based approach. Exploring the level of acceptability and implementation of value engineering in the Ghanaian construction industry: A case study of Tamale Metropolis. Effects of urbanisation on energy consumption in Ghana. Effect of market orientation on performance of small and medium enterprises; mediating role of innovation. Inheritance and combining ability study on drought tolerance and grain yield among early maturing inbred lines of maize Zea mays L. Assessment of weight loss programmes in the Kumasi Metropolis.

    The effect of organisational capability on SMe performance in Ghana: the moderating role of environmental characteristics. An assessment of credit delivery practices of microfinance institutions in Ghana, a case of Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans Ltd. Hydrogeological evaluation of geological formations in Ashanti Region, Ghana.

    Exploring the risk management practices of the metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies in construction project delivery. Combining ability, heterosis and heritability of agronomic traits and resistance to maize streak virus in maize inbred lines.

    Dominic Dagbanja

    The concept of value for money as applied in public procurement in Ghana. The case of Ho Municipal Assembly. Waste reduction strategies on construction projects: the case of Accra metropolis. The effect of information and communications technology on financial performance of rural banks in Ghana. Identifying broiler meat production challenges in Ghana: focusing on hatchery performance. Assessing the role of the actors along the cassava value chain in selected communities in Mampong in the Ashanti Region. Assessing the barriers to entrepreneurship among graduates in Ghana.

    Assessing the physical and chemical properties of 15year old normal and coppiced teak Tectona grandis woods for their effective utilization. The influence of consumer awareness on cosmetic usage among adolescents in some selected public Senior High Schools in Kumasi. Comparative assessment of quality of locally produced commercial and imported rice Oryza sativa varieties in Ghana.

    The nexus of oil consumption, oil price volatility and economic growth in Ghana. Combining ability and stability of extra-early yellow inbred lines of maize Zea mays L. The impact of sales promotion and advertisement on customer retention in the Brewery Industry of Ghana. Climate change and sustainable development: an insight into perceptions of the Offinso South District. Guidelines for environmentally sustainable building practices at the design stage for office buildings.

    Assessing the effect of customer service on customer satisfaction in Museums in Ghana. A case study of Manhyia Palace Museum in Kumasi. Investigation into challenges in developing specifications for procurement of goods. An empirical investigation into the effect of monetary policy on inflation in Ghana. The role of celebrity endorsement on brand image in the Telecommunication Industry. The effect of crude oil price on domestic investment in Ghana. Implications of sand mining on the environment and livelihoods in Brong Ahafo Region.

    Strategies for curbing ineffective management of safety on construction sites: A case study in the Greater Accra Region. Earthmoving equipment cabin conditions and its health impact on operators. The impact of acquisition on employees satisfaction Case study of Ecobank Ghana Limited. Isolation and characterisation of multi-drug resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa from clinical, environmental and poultry litter sources in Ashanti Region of Ghana.

    The role of African traditional practices in sustainable forest management and conservation: A case study of the Malshegu Sacred Grove in the Northern Region of Ghana. Assessing the effect of strategic planning on organisational performance in Ghanaian public universities. Measuring cost and technical efficiency in the operations of the National Health Insurance Scheme in Ghana: the case study of Ashanti Region.

    Assessment of antibiotic use at Tamale Teaching Hospital. Determinants of financial performance of savings and loans companies in Ghana: A case of Opportunity International Savings and Loans Limited. The effect of site layout planning on labour productivity on construction sites in Ghana A case study of construction sites in Accra. Antiproliferative activity of aqueous leaf extract of annona muricata linn.

    A preliminary morphometric study of Ghanaian foetal parameters for size and age estimation. Challenges with the implementation of sustainable procurement practices in the Mining Industry. A case study of some selected mining firms in Western Region of Ghana. Evaluation of organic amendments for the management of root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne SPP.

    An evaluation of the effect of ethanolic root extract of zingiber officinale Ginger on the morphology of the reproductive system of male wistar rats. Hepatitis B and C infection in pregnant women attending antenatal clinic at the catholic hospital, Battor in the Volta Region, Ghana. Factors influencing treatment compliance in type 2 diabetes mellitus clients at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital diabetic clinic. Assessing the challenges of procurement in second cycle schools in Northern Ghana: a case study of Tamale Metro.

    Evaluation of thyroid dysfunction and thyroid autoimmunity in diabetes mellitus subjects at Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital, Sekondi, Western Region. Serum Homocysteine, Vitamin B12 and folate in Ghanaian women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Effects of poor safety performance on Ghanaian construction projects. Pharmaceutical equivalence studies on some locally manufactured brands of paracetamol sold in Kumasi. Analyzing the lived experiences of primary caregivers of children with cerebral palsy attending the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana.

    Bioactive constituents from the Ghanaian medicinal plant Chlorophora regia and its root endophytic fungus JK Effects of biochar and inorganic fertilizer application on soil fertility and agronomic performance of maize Zea mays. Adherence to anti-diabetics a case study of out-patients attending the diabetic clinic of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi. Behavior of bamboo reinforced self-compacting concrete: application of short span elements. Rotary drum composting of faecal sludge; case of peri-urban areas in Ashanti Region, Ghana.

    Anti-parasitic activities of some selected medicinal plants and marine algae in Ghana. Knowledge, attitudes, practices and barriers related to cervical cancer, screening and human papilloma virus HPV vaccination among female non-health professionals in the Offinso South Municipality, Ashanti Region, Ghana.

    Estimating the transaction cost indices of public private partnership infrastructure in Ghana Case study of Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly. Trace elements level in type 2 Diabetic Nephropathy. Influence of organizational culture and structure on implementation of total quality management. Pharmacotherapy of pneumonia in children under five years in two hospitals in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Cystatin C and Betamicroglobulin in diabetic and hypertensive nephropathy and their effect on chronic kidney disease.

    The effect of croton membranaceus on the hormone-dependent pathway in benign prostatic hyperplasia. Procurement practices in the Ghanaian building sector: the implementation challenges to the Public Procurement Act, Act Assessing the contribution of community—base health planning and service CHPS in the reduction of maternal mortality using the sisterhood method in Wa Municipality. Evaluation of nitrogen fixing potential of some grain legumes and their residual effects on maize yield in the semi-deciduous forest zone of Ghana.

    Assessment of construction claims on project performance in Ghana. Design of automatic water tank filling system using a programmable logic controller. Challenges in estimating cost of accident on construction site. Assessing the capacity of construction consultants to adopt building information modeling in Ghana. The perceptions and attitudes of health workers towards persons with disabilities in the Bekwai Municipality in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Assessment of Microfilarial load in the blood of patients with Mansonella Perstans infection after anti-wolbachial treatment with Doxycycline.

    Assessing the managerial competencies of male and female construction managers in Ghana. Tuberculosis treatment outcomes in the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality. Factors affecting procurement performance in public sectors in Ghana: A case of Kintampo Municipal Assembly. Sustainability of building finishes in the Ghanaian real estate sector. T Campus. Pathophysiological indicators of pregnancy-induced hypertension in Ghanaian women.

    Reporting of adverse drug reactions: evaluation of knowledge, attitude and practice among hospital pharmacists in Ashanti Region. Management of delays in construction projects in Bia West District. Design, fabrication, testing and evaluation of two aeroponic systems as alternative production methods for seed yams in Ghana.

    Effect of the Naked Neck Gene Na on marketability, carcass traits, haematological and serum biochemical indices of cockerels. Comparison of Glycated Albumin and Glycated Hemoglobin levels in the management of type 2 diabetic patients in the Tema Metropolis of Ghana. Towards the improvement of works procurement planning by district assemblies in Ghana.

    Design, construction and testing of a flue gas filter system for small scale incinerators. Contextual versus Compositional effects on cumulative fertility in Ghana — a multilevel analysis. Effect of different storage periods on the quality of dry cocoa beans of amelonado and mixed hybrid varieties cultivated at Wassa Amenfi West District of Western Region.

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    Standardisation of Oral Liquid Ibuprofen suspension for improved stability and efficacy. The impact of ten years of ivermectin mass drug administration on the level of endemicity and intensity of Onchocerca Volvulus infection in the Aowin District of Ghana. Default rate modelling of a bank in Ghana using Cox Regression Model. Improving security of websites using vulnerability assessment.

    Determinants of adolescent pregnancy: a case-control study in the Amenfi West District, Ghana. Production of a convenient breakfast cereal using coconut and yellow corn. Measurement of Liquidity Risk and Bank Performance. Establishment of an effective in vitro regeneration protocol for quality protein maize in Ghana. Identification and quantification of obsolete chemicals in second cycle institutions in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Measuring network performance with different levels of firewall security.

    Effects of diabetes self-management, related distress and non-acceptance on glycemic control among diabetics in selected hospitals in Ashanti Region. Molecular characterization and antibiotic susceptibility of vibrio cholerae isolates in Southern Ghana. Effect of shade trees in cocoa agroforestry systems on cocoa microclimate and productivity. Salmonella carriage among food handlers and patients attending St. Performance measurement system in the health delivery at Eastern Regional Medical Stores. The influence of physical disability on the livelihoods of the disabled persons and their families in the Techiman South Municipality-brong ahafo region of Ghana.

    Antimicrobial producing properties of microorganisms isolated from soil, sea and the Kakum river. Evaluation of th1 and th2 cytokine patterns and their diagnostic accuracies in hepatitis b infection. Detection of viability markers of mycobacterium ulcerans and their association with healing in buruli ulcer patients. An exploration into the knowledge mothers have of food allergy in children under five in two Ghanaian hospitals. Nitrogen utilization efficiency, growth and yield response of maize zea mays l. The prevalence of antibiotic prescription among women attending antenatal care clinic in a sub-municipal hospital and its effect on birth outcomes and neonatal health.

    Prevalence of Hepatitis B and C viral infections among children and adults presenting with hepatic disease at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. Obstetric fistula- related knowledge, attitudes and practices of females and males in the Zabzugu-Tatale District, Northern Region, Ghana. Assessment of the capacity of health facilities in the early detection of disabilities in children in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.

    Influence of naked neck and frizzle genes on the quality characteristics of fresh and stored table eggs. Neglected and underutilised insects of Ghana: identification, spatial distribution and utilisation for food, feed and nutrition. Effect of Gibberellins GA3 on the postharvest life and quality of Papaya fruits under ambient storage conditions. Growth and yield of cowpea Vigna unguiculata following nitrogen fertilizer application and inoculation. Road safety and mobile phone use among commercial drivers at Kejetia lorry Station in the Kumasi Metropolitan Area, Ghana. Prevalence and risk factors of obesity among senior high school students in the Adansi North District in Ashanti Region of Ghana.

    Patient-related factors that affect adherence to anti-hypertensive therapy at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. Survey and estimation of pathological and edaphic causes of citrus pre-harvest fruit drop in three major citrus growing areas in Ashanti Region of Ghana. Immunological factors in female infertility: Antithyroid and Antiphospholipid antibodies.

    Effects of aging on persistence of Escherichia coli E. The role and effect of the entity tender committee in sustainable procurement practices in public hospitals in Ghana. Construction of roads using labour based technology; opportunities and challenges in feeder roads. The impact of core competencies on skilled labor performance in the Ghanaian Construction Industry.

    Information system security threats and vulnerabilities: evaluating the human factor in data protection. Selection of contractor insurance option in the Ghanaian Construction Industry. Laboratory based experiment to decontaminate arsenic and lead laden water using palm kernel and shea nut cakes. Military sourcing and logistics support for operations: a case study of the Ghana Armed Forces. The effect of Aframomum Danielli on Ochratoxin A.

    OTA production; an emerging hazard in dry cocoa beans. Design and optimization of lemon grass oil extractor. Effects of a computerised clinical decision support system and performance-based incentives on maternal healthcare providers in Northern Ghana. Perceptions about mental disorders and help seeking behaviour of Akwatia residents, Ghana. Assessment of quality of construction professional project services received by small building contractors in Ghana.