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Analysis of the influence of water components on the spectral characteristics of the upward light field in the Baltic. On the effect of small-scale topography on dense plumes, with a special focus on the Filchner Overflow plume. Socio-economic conditions of oustees: A case study of Indravati hydel project.

Climate change: Future scenario development and implications on agriculture for eastern India. Physics, Jadavpur University India , pp. Two-direction method on atmospheric correction in ocean color algorithm: Direct estimation of surface reflectance and aerosol optical thickness. Fisheries and long-term environmental change in the Black Sea.

The role of bioenergy production in the terrestrial carbon cycle and energy balance. Department of Earth Sciences, Univ. Reconstructed drought variability across Mongolia based on tree-ring records. Nitrogen transformations in wetlands: Effects of water flow patternsIn this thesis, I have studied nitrogen turnover processes in watermeadows. A watermeadow is a wetland where water. Linking ecology and management of water quality: the distribution and growth of phytoplankton in coastal lakes of British Columbia.

Temporal and spatial dynamics of a tidepool fish assemblage in San Diego, California. The exchange of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorusin dwarf and fringe mangroves of theoligotrophic southern Everglades. Effects of nutrients, temperature, and zooplankton grazing on toxic and non-toxic strains of the harmful cyanobacterium Microcystis spp. Numerical and theoretical investigations of North Pacific subtropical mode water with implications to Pacific Climate Variability. Graduate School of Oceanography, Univ. Plant responses to long-term in situ CO2 enrichment and soil warming at treeline in the Swiss Alps.

Institute of Botany, University of Basel Switzerland , pp. Climate change vulnerability of the US Northeast ski sector: A multi-methods systems-based approach. Community-scale effects of climate warming on experimental grasslands of different species richness. Biology, University of Antwerp Belgium , pp. Dynamics in extracellular carbohydrate production by marine benthic diatoms. Persistence of benthic invertebrates in polluted sediments. Transport, preservation and accumulation of organic carbon in the North Sea. Availability effects of energetic, structural and protection resources on distribution and abundances of zooplanktonic cladocerans and copepods in Chilean lakes.

Small-scale spatial distribution and swimming behavior of euphausiids in relation to visual predation risk. Ecophysiology and optical detection of harmful algal blooms. The mental demands of marine ecosystem-based management: A constructive developmental lens. Paleoclimatic reconstruction and evaluation of sub-centennial climate variability in the late Holocene using records from massive corals New Caledonia , tree-rings New Mexico and speleothems China.

Agricultural pesticide runoff in tidal creeks: Effects on microbial food web communities. Plant soil feedbacks with changing vegetation structure and composition in a warming Arctic. Paleoecology of forest environments through time : evidence from stable isotopes of mammalian herbivores in the New World. Sewage and the ecology of the St. Lawrence River. A socio-ecological understanding of extreme heat vulnerability in Maricopa County, Arizona. On the spatial distribution of diapycnal mixing in the abyssal ocean: an empirical study. Ecophysiological characteristics of the Baltic sea N2-fixing cyanobacteria Aphanizomenon and Nodularia.

Methane as a source of carbon and energy for chironomid larvae. Characterization of the Biological Activity Center of the Gulf of Ulloa, Mexico, under an ecological modelling context. Quantifying methane emissions from reservoirs: From basin-scale to discrete analyses with a focus on ebullition dynamics.

Population dynamics and ecology of the red tide dinoflagellate, Noctiluca Scintillans. Pelagic cold ocean microbial dynamics and small-scale turbulence interactions with special reference to bacteria. Factors affecting community structure of mangroves associated with point bars and islands in a costa rican estuary.

Tree seedling dynamics and drought in Bornean rain forests. Fine-scale strata formation in biologically and physically dominated estuarine systems within the lower Chesapeake Bay and York River subestuary. Aliens in paradise: A comparative assessment of introduced and native mangrove benthic community composition, food-web structure, and litter-fall production.

Evaluating and understanding the role of convective processes in general circulation model simulations of the Madden-Julian Oscillation. Optimal pricing on road transport and private car ownership - with a case study of China. Department of Economics, Monash University Australia , pp. Clumped isotope thermometry and its application to Earth's history. The effects of ecosystem configuration on nutrient dynamics in a Sonoran desert stream ecosystem.

Local knowledge and livelihood sustainability under environmental change in northern Ghana. Pioneers

Investigating how ecology and demography affect primate folivore biomass in the Western Amazon. Robust adaptation decisions amid climate change uncertainties. Phytoplankton responses as indicators of exposure to toxicants. Understanding climate impacts on Mexican rainfed maize. Evaluation and Assessment of local environmental vegetation indices of forest using remote sensing data. Department of bioenvironment science, Tottori University Japan , pp.

Long-term trends of selected weather parameters at major cities of India. Department of Geography, University of Pune India , pp. Bay-ocean exchange of crab larvae: The roles of larval behavior, origins, distribution and physical processes. Seasonal evolution of primary production and of nitrogen assimilation regeneration processes in the Gulf of Lions.

Estimation of a carbon budget. In situ and modelling approaches Two parts.

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Inorganic polyphosphate in the marine environment: Field observations and new analytical techniques. Nitrogen dynamics in a coastal upwelling regime. The coral genus Madracis: speciation in corals and their symbionts. Predators and dangerous prey in the fossil record: Evolution of the busyconine whelk-Mercenaria predator-prey system. Regeneration dynamics in large forest gaps. Phosphate uptake proteins as markers for the nutrient status of freshwater cyanobacteria.

Effects of tree species on soil properties in a forest of the northeastern United States. Climate change and invasive species interact to impact succession and diversity in Gulf of Maine marine fouling communities. Outwelling of organic matter and nutrients from a mangrove in North Brazil: Evidence from organic tracers and flux measurements. Trace metal-particle water interactions in the western North Sea. Building resilience to disasters and climate change: pathways for adaptive and integrated disaster resilience in Indonesia.

Environment and Geography, Macquarie University Australia , pp. Habitat choice in benthic invertebrate larvae - the dominant foulers in the White Sea. Petersburg State University pp. Developing a macrophyte index of ecological status for Northern Ireland. Material transports in food web of the simple lake ecosystem using carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analyses. Tropical Atlantic climate modes and their links with upwelling domes.

Sea ice and ocean environmental applications of spaceborne SAR. Resource assessment and analysis of aspen-dominated ecosystems in the Lake States. The potential nutritional value of detritus depositing onto coral reefs. Atmospherically forced mesoscale barotropic motions in the central North Pacific. The direct and indirect effects of solar ultraviolet radiation in boreal lakes of the Experimental Lakes Area, northwestern Ontario.

Interannual variations in the upper ocean heat content and heat transport convergence in the Western North Atlantic. The impact of climate and land use on nitrate export by the Mississippi River. The Palouse: A bioregional approach for assessing sense of place. A high-resolution record of climate and vegetation change from Crevice Cave, Missouri during the last interglacial-glacial cycle. Rates of landscape development in the Transhimalaya of northern India: a framework for testing the links among climate, erosion, and tectonics.

Odors and ornaments in crested auklets Aethia cristatella : Signals of mate quality?. The behavior of floods and low flows in the United States. Diatom ecology and palelimnology of high Arctic ponds. Plant-wax isotopes in neotropical lake sediments and their insights into the ancient Maya civilization.

The physiological consequences of altering genetic controls in stomatal development of Arabidopsis thaliana. Combining measures of group cohesion: A longitudinal study. Biological consequences of current-topography interactions at Cobb Seamount. Submarine groundwater discharge to the Gulf of Mexico and the Bay of Bengal: Elemental flux estimates and sediment-groundwater interactions. The fate and influence of salmon nutrients in riparian soils and trees: seasonal to multi-century patterns.

Distribution of free marine viruses of lower Chesapeake Bay and their effects on life-history parameters of the estuarine copepod Acartia tonsa Dana. Effects of grass shrimp Palaemonetes spp. Effects of land use change on fire, vegetation and wildlife dynamics in arid ecosystems of southern Russia. On the paleoceanography of the eastern equatorial Pacific during the last , years.

Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University Canada , pp. The evolutionary ecology of senescence in Daphnia. Evolutionary and community ecology of parasitism in Daphnia. Geophysics, water balance, and history of thick perennial ice covers on Antarctic lakes. Knowledge-informed simulated annealing for generating prescribed spatial patterns in resource allocation. Acid tolerance of early life stages of indigenous fish species under the hydrochemical conditions of Lusatian post-mining lakes.

Biotic and abiotic determinants of invasibility in California grassland. Multiple isotopic tracers fro study of coastal hydrological processes. Projected and constructed scarcity: Climate change, glacial loss, and water availability in the Peruvian Andes. Molecular and compound-specific stable carbon isotope investigation of the fate of dung carbon in a temperate grassland soil.

Measured and modeled particle export in equotorial and coastal upwelling regions. Gill endosymbiont respiration and nutritional strategies in the chemosymbiotic bivalve family Lucinidae. Structuring of benthic communities, with a focus on size spectra. Role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the accumulation of radiocaesium by plants. Study of two brackish copepod species from contrasted environments through multi-scale approach: from ethology to population dynamics.

Geosciences, ecology, paleontology and oceanography, Universite de Lille 1 - Sciences et Technologies France , pp. Global ocean salinity: A climate change diagnostic?. Phylogeography, gene flow and population structure of crambe crambe Porifera, Poecilosclerida. The impact of elevated CO2 on N2 fixation and ecosystem level element cycling. Detection and characterization of nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterial harmful algal bloom communities using molecular approaches. Cellular markers of phosphate stress in phytoplankton. Microbial interactions with cyanobacteria and zooplankton.

Department for mathematics and natural sciences, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg Germany , pp. The role of Perch Perca fluviatilis L. Effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 and O3 on wood density, anatomical properties and decomposition of northern hardwoods. Dissolved organic carbon dynamics in urban and desert stream ecosystems. Towards defining larval dispersal and population connectivity on the South East U. Continental Shelf. Environmenal Analysis and diagnostic of Bertioga channel Sao Paulo, Brazil through foraminiferal as environmental indicators.

Rethinking relationships in the construction industry; Integrating sustainable development into project management processes. The niches of bacterial populations in productive waters. Examples from coastal waters and four eutrophic lakes. Nutrient effects on phytoplankton particularly Emiliania huxleyi dynamics with special reference to the atmospheric deposition in the northeastern Mediterranean. Navigating fragmented ocean law in the California Current: Tools to identify and measure gaps and overlaps for ecosystem-based management.

Meteorology, Cairo University United States , pp. Ecological studies on zooplankton communities with particular references to free living protozoa at River Nile - Egypt. Trophic dynamics of copepods in the Strait of Georgia. Biology, University of Victoria United States , pp. An approach to estimate global biomass burning emissions of organic and black carbon from MODIS fire radiative power.

Nonperturbative regulators for supersymmetric theories in 3 and 4 dimensions. Late quaternary semiarid eolian system dynamics: Distribution, timing, and soil geomorphic controls, Black Mesa, northeastern Arizona, USA. Climate change and species phenology at three trophic levels. Public health responses to West Nile virus: The role of risk perceptions and behavioral uncertainty in risk communication and policy.

Fluids in Planetary Systems. Geosciencs, Virginia Tech United States , pp. Vegetation water stress and its impact on land-atmosphere interaction. Louis United States , pp. Mid to late Holocene fire and climate dynamics inferred from lake sediments from Interior British Columbia, Canada. Observations and modeling of marine-terminating outlet glaciers. Biogeochemistry of Dissolved Carbohydrates in the Arctic. Species traits, inter-specific interactions, and the effects of biodiversity on wetland ecosystem processes.

Adaptation to extreme droughts in Arizona, Georgia, and South Carolina: Evaluating adaptive capacity and innovative planning and management approaches for states and their community water systems. A sectional microphysical model to study stratospheric aerosol: Ions, geoengineering and large volcanic eruptions. Middle Miocene climate evolution in the Pacific realm.

Nitrogen cycling regulation in continental aquatic ecosystems. Rice-based genealogy of environmental discourse in Philippine agriculture, Regulation and role of epiphytic nitrification and denitrification in macrophyte-dominated systems. The dispersal and settlement of passively drifting, nonbuoyant larvae in the shallow coastal ocean.

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Competition ecology of the dominant wetland macrophyte, Juncus effusus. Forest soils of Ethiopian highlands: Their characterstics in relation to site history, studies based on stable isotopes. Salmoninae spawning behaviour. A phylogenetic study. University of Guelph, University of Guelph Canada , pp. The influence of marine viruses on the production of dimethyl sulphide DMS and related compounds from Emiliania huxleyi. Phosphorus transport and transformation dynamics in lowland streams.

Modelling climate-surface hydrology interactions in data sparse areas. Phytoplankton ecology of arctic lakes. Photoprotective capabilities of marine microalgae: Xanthophyll-cycle pigment and photosystem II fluorescence responses under static and dynamic irradiance regimes. Soil moisture as a mediator for nitrogen competition: Implications for species invasion and climate change. Assessing the fate of organic matter in subtidal sandy sediments using stable isotopes as deliberate tracers.

Lithological and morphological features of modern and weichselian ice-cored moraines — based on selected areas of Spitsbergen and Wielkopolska. Ensemble modelling of hydrological and nitrogen fluxes in mesoscale catchments. Effects of the climate change on widespread and epidemica of the potato and tomato late blight under the Egyptian conditions. Plant Epidemilogy, Cairo University Egypt , pp. Productivity and carbon transfer in pelagic food webs, in response to carbon, nutrients and light.

Unicellular nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria from the tropical North Atlantic and subtropical North Pacific Oceans. Carbon and energy exchange between an old-growth forest and the atmosphere. Remote sensing and Gis-based mapping of environmental responses of the Senegal River Estuary to dam construction and their impacts on dependent livelihood.

Atmospheric Sciences, Purdue university United States , pp. Environmental records from corals and coralline sponges. Mass transfer limits to nutrient uptake by shallow coral reef communities. The impacts of emissions, meteorology and climate change on pollution transport. Representing climate change space: Islographs of Tuvalu. Sources and bacterial uptake of DOC at coastal lagoons and Amazonian lakes. Riparian vegetation and river channel morphology in the alluvial section of river Ogun, Nigeria. Land degradation and environmental change in Ondo state coastline, south-west Nigeria.

Responses of non-methane biogenic volatile organic compound emissions to climate change in boreal and subarctic ecosystems. Nitrate assimilation by eukaryotic phytoplankton as a central characteristic of ocean productivity. The spatial aspect of plant interactions in a sand dune plant community. Geochemical constrains on northeast African environmental variability during the late Neogene. Arsenic speciation in estuarine and oceanic waters by hydride generation-atomic fluorescence spectroscopy.

Diversity, ecology and domoic acid production of Pseudo-nitzschia spp. Remote sensing of radiative fluxes and heating rates from satellite instrument measurements. Prevention and protection: The simultaneous implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation policy responses. Ecosystem metabolism and nitrate retention in headwater streams. Test the soil carbon saturation theory: maximal carbon stabilization and soil organic matter stability as a function of organic carbon inputs.

Satellite remote sensing for land surface hydrology and land-atmospheric coupling. Groundwater and heat flow in Southeastern Manitoba: Implications to water supply and thermal energy. Assessing the influence of ocean-atmosphere forcing on precipitation and drought characteristics at global and regional scales. Waning and waxing of mountain glaciers in South America: A Modeling approach over multiple spatial and temporal scales.

Predicting and monitoring drought in the humid tropics: A case study on Sri Lanka. Environmental modification of chemosensory interactions between predators and prey: The world according to whelks. Primary productivity in Arctic sea ice and ocean. Intractabilty dynamics in climate change scientific research and international negotiations. Life-history strategy of Lepisosteidae: Implications for the conservation and management of alligator gar. Role of compensatory mechanisms in the population dynamics of Lake Trout Salvelinus namaycush in the U. Waters of Lake Superior.

Reconstruction of climatic and crop conditions in the past based on the isotope signature of archaeobotanical remains. Facilitating the development and integration of low-carbon energy technologies. Mesozooplankton impacts on lower trophic levels from freshwater, marine and brackish systems in spring - a comparative study. Investigating post-depositional processing of nitrate in snow and constraining NOx emissions sources using the isotopes of nitrate. Large scale and microphysical controls on the isotopic composition of water in the atmosphere.

Physics, University of Toronto Canada , pp. Distribution and ecology of larval Hydropsychidae Trichoptera in Newfoundland. Recent and fossil phytoplankton pigments in Lake Baikal as markers for community structure and environmental changes. The trophodynamics of the plankton in the coastal areas of the central Irish Sea, with emphasis on fish larvae and their prey. Recent changes in the marine environment in relation to climate, hydrography, and human impact with special reference to fjords on the Swedish west coast. An evaluation of the telative influence of ocean acidification and temperature on processes influencing the distribution of intertidal barnacles.

The influence of behavior and physics on ecological processes. Food quality and food choice in freshwater gastropods: Field and laboratory investigations on a key component of littoral food webs. The role of volatile fatty acids and hydrogen in the degradation of organic matter in marine sediments. Nauplii and Copepodites: An evaluation of trophodynamic roles in a north temperate bay - and implications beyond. Population dynamics of key species in rocky intertidal habitats - patellid limpets in a warming world.

Importing ozone precursors and aerosols to the North American free troposphere: An analysis of peroxyacetyl nitrate and aerosol observations at Mount Bachelor. The abundance and production of bacteria in river sediments, and their relation to the biochemical composition of organic matter.

Zooplankton community responses to acidification: The role of rapid evolution and compensatory dynamics. Renewable energy deployment in the electricity sector: Three essays on policy design, scope, and outcomes. Atmospheric pollution in the Arctic: Sources, transport, and chemical processing. The land-atmosphere water flux across plant, ecosystem, global and social scales; II. GIS and spatial analysis for environmental justice and wildlife. Intermittency of spatial and temporal plankton patterns. Reframing global climate change: Achieving human security for vulnerable communities.

The functional capabilities of reef fish larvae: Implications for dispersal during the pelagic phase. Networks for climate change: non-state and sub-national networks in Indian climate politics and governance.

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The Role of Allelopathy in Phytoplankton Ecology. Biological invasions, global climate change and species distribution models: An investigation of species-climate relationships across space and time. Phytoplankton biomarker pigments as an indicator of the trophic state of the coastal sea. Carbon fluxes in coastal systems of the South-Atlantic. Tropical climate stability, hadley circulation, and deep cumulus convection: Vital synergism on a wet planet.

Metereology, University of Oklahoma United States , pp. Publi servant behavior and forest policy implementation in central India. Structure and functioning of bottom fauna in the Stradomka River. Community resistance to climate change: discourses of Tasmanian farmers. Forest and tree resources. Agroforestry, University of Wales Honduras , pp. Some like it hot: Physiology, biogeography and the impacts of climate change on three marine mussel species. Assessment of the Rhode Island coastal lagoon ecosystem. Colonisation of Macrofauna in intertidal soft-sediment communities.

The effects of recruitment variation on population and community dynamics. Influence of climate on physical and biological factors that control the vertical flux of particulate organic carbon in the southeastern Beaufort Sea Arctic Ocean. Department of Biology, Laval University Canada , pp. Mechanisms and rates of bioturbation and sedimentation in California Borderland Sediments. Phytoplankton ecology of subarctic lakes in Finnish Lapland. Geography, Laval University Canada , pp.

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Uptake mechanisms and toxicity of silver toward a green alga in relation to chemical speciation. Evolution of vortical patterns and vortices in mesoscale convective complexes. The Characterization of the Cyanobacterial Passengers of Open Ocean Eukaryotic Hosts: the abundance, ultrastructure, and phlyogenetic diversity. Aquarian Capitalism and Transition in Indonesia.

Crop intensification effects on forage yields and the water balance in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The role of heterotrophic bacteria in the coupling of iron and carbon cycles in the ocean. Damage from blast fishing and ecological factors influencing coral reef recovery in Indonesia.

Eddies and friction: Removal of vorticity from the wind-driven gyre. Asexual diapause in the rotifer Synchaeta pectinata: Fitness costs and trade-offs associated with phenotypic variation in a natural population. Iron and zinc effects on silicon and nitrate uptake in high-nutrient, low-chlorophyll regions off central California, the Southern Ocean and the eastern tropical Pacific. Sliver solar cells and concentrator Sliver cells.

Characterization of the comparative skill of conceptual and physically-based snow models for streamflow prediction. Paleoceanography of the Agulhas Current and Retroflection determined by radiogenic isotopes in deep-sea sediments. Storm tracks and teleconnection in idealized experiments. Recent extreme events in a tropical stalagmite: Multi-proxy records and analysis of ecosystem d13C value sensitivity to weak climate forcing. Numerical investigations of the fluid flows at deep-oceanic and Arctic permafrost-associated gas hydrate deposits.

Poverty assessment of fishing communities in Lagos state, Nigeria. Ocean transport and life history of the tropical western Atlantic opossum pipefish, Microphis brachyurus Lineatus. Climate variability during the Holocene and last interglacial: High resolution stable isotope and biogenic silica evidence from the Santa Barbara Basin. The changing interhemispheric temperature difference: mechanisms and impacts. Using passive samplers to measure the bioavailability and transport of sedimentary organic contaminants.

Enhancement of fine particle deposition to permeable sediments. The impacts of managed realignment on low-lying coasts. Geography, University of Cambridge United Kingdom , pp. The roles of aquatic and riparian vegetation at the aquatic-terrestrial interface of southeastern streams.

Assessment of past, present, and future status of southern flounder Paralichthys lethostigma in Texas using a time series and quantitative modeling approach. The role of organic molecules in cloud droplet formation. Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen Denmark , pp. Ecological stoichiometry of trophic interactions in the benthos of boreal lakes. Holocene pine Pinus sylvestris L. Biophysical coupling between turbulence, veliger behavior, and larval supply.

Investigating the interior of West Antarctica with light, radar, and electrical conductance. Vulnerability of sea turtles to climate change: A case study with the northern Great Barrier Reef green turtle population. Study of the zooplankton community of Potter Cove and Maxwell Bay 25 de Mayo Island : its role in the carbon flux at Antarctic coastal areas.

Impacts analysis for inverse integrated assessments of climate change. Photoadaptation of marine phytoplankton: Light absorption and xanthophyll pigments. Microbial degradation of proteinaceous organic matter in marine environments. The impact of climate change on benthic-pelagic coupling and the biogeochemical cycling of Narragansett Bay, R. On the uncertainties and dynamics of Pacific interannual and decadal climate variability and climate change. Study of land surface and Micrometeorological processes over trough axis along its extreme eastern end of India.

Landscape and ecological conditions in Smolian minicipality Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria as a factor for sustainable development. Evaluation of the controls of summer stream temperature in the Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin. The role of early life history traits on the survival of a coral reef fish.

Recent trends and scenarios of climate change in Hudson Bay and surrounding seas. Learning for change in a changing climate: a community-based education perspective. Climate change impact and vulnerability assessment of water resources systems: the case of Lower Brahmaputra River Basin. Comparison of linearly and nonlinearly statistically downscaled atmospheric variables in terms of future climate indices and daily variability.

The biological and physical interactions of Mysis relicta in Lake Ontario. Soil carbon dynamics under sugarcane. Biogeochemical Consequences of land cover and land use changes in the agricultural frontier of the Brazilian Amazon.

The functional ecology of climbing plants. Coping with and adapting to drought in Zimbabwe. Marine organic aerosols and their implication to climate. Volcanic forcing of climate over the past years: An improved ice-core-based index for climate models. Passive microwave remote sensing of surface soil moisture: Methods, results, and applications. Nitrate assimilation in the marine diatom Skeletonema costatum: Biochemical characterization and environmental regulation. Effects of the and El Nino events on the inter-annual and inter-decadal variability of the shallow-water fish assemblage of the Patos Lagoon estuary Brazil.

Effects of global change on the physiology and biogeochemistry of the N2-fixing cyanobacteria Crocosphaera watsonii and Trichodesmium erythraeum. Comparative ecology of Chironomid Diptera populations from potamal zones of the Garonne and Loire rivers France. Development and applications of a dynamic mixing simulator for the study of the chemical reactivity in Estuaries. Holocene sedimentary and aquatic biogeochemical responses reflected in Ordy Pond, Oahu, Hawaii; And contemporary modeling of submarine groundwater discharge in Kahana Bay, Oahu, Hawaii.

The influence of physical transport and nutritional stress on the zoeae of estuarine crabs. The vertical extent of drought in the western United States, The microbial food web of the coastal Southern Baltic Sea as influenced by wind-induced sediment resuspension. Strong interactors and community structure: Testing predictions for reservoir food webs. Variability and change in a dryland system: Climate-land interaction in the Okavango-Kwando-Zambezi catchment of southern Africa. Geography, University of Florida United States , pp.

Acoustic properties and shoaling behavior of Atlantic redfish Sebastes spp. Holocene fire history of a coastal temperate rain forest, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Transferability of regional climate models over different climatic domains. Improving regional climate modeling in East Africa using remote sensing products.

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Subduction in an eddy-resolving state estimate of the Northeast Atlantic Ocean. Carbon dioxide and energy balance of a double cropping agroecosystem in northern Alabama climate. ETD Forum. BOD Forum Private. Find ETDs. Build ETDs. Manage ETDs. About Mission, Goals, and History. FInancial Information. Official Documents. List of Members. ETD Metadata Providers. Contact Us Directory. Board of Directors. Community ETD Forum. Membership List of Members.

Membership Benefits. The defense will be held in English. Faculty opponent is Associate Professor Doug A. Some in-depth information, including the public PhD defense announcement, can be found below:. There is a popular description of the thesis available below in both English as well as Swedish.

This description gives a general introduction to the contents of the thesis in a way suitable to the public. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions. BalloonProbe cover image. Wedge-shaped BalloonProbe. Sphere-shaped BalloonProbe.