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Polk and the Expansionist Impulse He is currently working on a study of American attitudes toward Great Britain during the Jacksonian period. He teaches courses in Texas history, Mexican American history, and African American history, and is the author or co-author of several books, including Black Culture and the Harlem Renaissance Rice University Press, Sharpe, He is the recipient of five grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and he has traveled abroad on a Fulbright grant and on fellowships from the Korea Society and the Mobil foundation.

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Minneapolis, Minn. John Novak Digital Interview Collection. Consists of interviews about immigration, migration, and the Civil Rights Movement. The interviewees, who range in age from 20 to 90, speak of their experiences moving to and within the United States. Listen to interviews from Esperanza Perez whose Mexican mother crossed the border to give birth to her daughter so that she could be an American citizen, Earnest Stamps who recounts his train ride to Detroit and his wonderment upon arrival at the Michigan Central Station, or Yvonne Revell who was a participant in the Greensboro Sit-in demonstrations.

In , librarian Michael Barnes adapted the digital interviews into a special collection within the auspices of the Marygrove College Library. Split across two modules, and including collections from 26 archives, libraries and museums, Migration to New Worlds brings together the movement and memories of millions across two centuries of mass migration Migration to New Worlds: The Century of Immigration concentrates on the period to and covers all aspects of the migration experience, from motives and departures to arrival and permanent settlement.

Adam Matthew database. North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries and Oral Histories includes 2, authors and approximately , pages of information, so providing a unique and personal view of what it meant to immigrate to America and Canada between and Composed of contemporaneous letters and diaries, oral histories, interviews, and other personal narratives, the series provides a rich source for scholars in a wide range of disciplines.

In selected cases, users will be able to hear the actual audio voices of the immigrants. The collection will be particularly useful to researchers, because much of the original material is difficult to find, poorly indexed, and unpublished; most bibliographies of the immigrant focus on secondary research; and few oral histories have been published. Access restricted to the MSU community and other subscribers. Spanning more than years, it will bring the personal experiences of 1, women to researchers, students, and general readers. Sample search: click on Browse, then Personal Events, and then choose Emigration for a list of documents.

An extensive collection of oral history transcripts covering a variety of events, ethnic groups, and citizens of Holland, Michigan. Includes sections on members of the Hispanic community , Dutch immigrants , Hispanic residents , and Asian and African American Residents Oral History Online. Try searching the terms immigrant or immigration. Between and , the legendary Red Star Line transported more than two million European passengers to America. At the port in Antwerp, Belgium, emigrants in steerage class underwent disinfection and medical examinations while clerks scrutinized their documents.

Today three warehouses stand as a testament to this emigrant experience. It will be a place of remembrance, experience, debate and research into international mobility, both past and present Millions of passengers travelled with Red Star Line, they told hundreds of stories to their grand children about their journey.

Read selected stories. Women and Social Movements in the United States, - A resource for students and scholars of U. Organized around the history of women in social movements in the U.

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The database includes more than 25, pages of documents pertaining to Women and Social Movements, a dictionary of social movements and organizations, a chronology of U. Sample search: click on Browse, then Immigration for documents. Hopewell, N. In the continuing U. This collection of letters between undocumented immigrants in California and their families in Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador reveals the other side of the story.

Published for the first time in paperback, this book reveals the often poignant human drama currently being played out along the U. It is the first book that tells the story of these immigrants in their own words, in Spanish and English. It is also of inestimable value to anyone who wants to understand the full dimensions of the problem.

Van Vugt.

Each of the four volumes in this new set features three useful components. In addition to the evocative pieces of correspondence, the editor has devoted a large segment of each volume to an often-overlooked source: the individual biographies that appeared in US county histories during the lateth and very-earlyth centuries. He complements these generally brief sources with more extensive primary accounts collected from the pro-immigration pamphlets of resettlement agencies and railroad companies, and the more evenhanded accounts of immigrants and local historians.

This collection covers a wide geographic range as well, drawing on sources from both sides of the Atlantic and throughout the eastern and midwestern US. Van Vugt ably conveys the British perspective, using much of the unpublished correspondence originally collected by the venerable historian Charlotte Erickson d. On the US side, van Vugt incorporates materials from Florida to Wisconsin, transcending the regional approach usually taken in previous collections.

Finally, he includes a brief but wide-ranging introduction to each volume that summarizes the gathered sources and sets the background for them. He precedes each item with a brief introduction, placing the source within a larger historical context and highlighting its particular contribution to the field. This valuable reference work is an important addition to any immigration collection, offering new energy to the once-dormant field of British movement to the US. Durham : Duke University Press, A landmark work on human migration around the globe, Cultures in Contact provides a history of the world told through the movements of its people.

It is a broad, pioneering interpretation of the scope, patterns, and consequences of human migrations over the past ten centuries. In this magnum opus thirty years in the making, Dirk Hoerder reconceptualizes the history of migration and immigration, establishing that societal transformation cannot be understood without taking into account the impact of migrations and, indeed, that mobility is more characteristic of human behavior than is stasis.

The Immigrants

Signaling a major paradigm shift, Cultures in Contact creates an English-language map of human movement that is not Atlantic Ocean-based. Hoerder describes the origins, causes, and extent of migrations around the globe and analyzes the cultural interactions they have triggered. He pays particular attention to the consequences of immigration within the receiving countries.

His work sweeps from the eleventh century forward through the end of the twentieth, when migration patterns shifted to include transpacific migration, return migrations from former colonies, refugee migrations, and distinct regional labor migrations in the developing world. Hoerder demonstrates that as we enter the third millennium, regional and intercontinental migration patterns no longer resemble those of previous centuries. They have been transformed by new communications systems and other forces of globalization and transnationalism.

Graham ; introduction by James T. Lanham, Md. In "Debating American Immigration, Present", prominent historians Roger Daniels and Otis Graham offer competing interpretations of the past, present, and future of American immigration policy and American attitudes towards immigration.

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Through original essays and supporting primary documents, the authors provide recommendations for future policies and legal remedies. This compact and clearly written text is an excellent introduction to one of today's most emotionally charged issues. Discoveries of America is a collection of personal letters written by eighteen of the thousands of British emigrants who came to North America in the fifteen years preceding the onset of the American Revolution.

These accounts are rare: few letters sent by emigrants during the colonial period exist.

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The letters reveal the motivations, experiences, characteristics, and emotions of these people, who populated America at a crucial time in its history, and provide new insights into the mechanisms of the British-American migration, especially the organization of personal networks of family and friends. Norton, c Ellis Island has become an invaluable resource center on immigration and genealogy as well as a national tourist attraction, widely praised for its excellent displays and informative exhibits.

Fascinating primary-source documents offer an exciting overview of Ellis Island, placing it in historical context with a concise history of immigration and global migration. This comprehensive guide is a must for anyone interested in immigration in general and Ellis Island in particular. London : A. And C. Black, Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America. Detroit, MI : Gale Group, c Primary documents, including letters, articles, cartoons, photos, and songs, illuminate the experience of culture groups in the U. Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c Dublin offers a collection of first-person immigrant accounts of life in the United States.

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This book grew out of Dublin's desire to provide his undergraduates he teaches history at SUNY-Binghamton with a reader showing how immigrants saw and understood their own experiences. The selected bibliography is a particularly useful list of book-length first-person accounts. Westport, Conn. The uncomfortable contemporary realities of immigration, enmeshed as they are in economic, human rights, and national security issues, have once again propelled foreign immigration to the United States toward the top of the list of U.

Three respected authorities on immigration and international affairs here present a carefully calibrated history of U.

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