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Engineering PhD thesis. A List Of Amazing Dissertation Topics In Financial Economics Many years ago the study of economics found before the university level of education was but a small fraction of the entire subject. Is the phenomenon of racially charged police brutality likely to lead to a triple dip downturn for the American and world economy? How will the British exit or Brexit from the European Union affect the economic stability of more fragile countries in the region such as Greece?

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How have oil producing nations recovered from the sharp dip in oil prices that occurred in the first quarter of ? What are the likely Economic impacts worldwide of a Trump presidency in the United States of America?

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How has lack of trust affected the demand for the services of banking institutions following the Great Recession of ? Would a second Civil War ruin the southern United States financially if they were to successfully secede this time?

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Would a new global currency provide enough of a buffer against the difficulties that individual currencies face within foreign exchange markets? Norges Bank Investment Management will appoint the leader of the committee, and it is left to the committee to decide the most efficient way to organise the committee's assessment of submitted theses.


The NFI has full discretion each year to decide whether or not to grant an award to any of the applicants or to grant several awards. The award covers theses submitted in the previous year between 1 July previous year and 30 June current year.

Applications must be sent to the NFI administration by 30 June each year for theses submitted to the academic institution the previous calendar year. Late or incomplete applications will normally not be considered. However, in special cases in order to pursue the objective of the programme, the NFI administration may at its sole discretion allow the applicants to re-submit complete applications by a deadline determined by the NFI administration, or determine to postpone the deadline for applications.

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