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In short order, the grades were factored into funding, student advancement and whether a school required intervention. She taught English in Bay County, Fla. Because of her fight with FCAT, Lent went on to become a full-time education consultant and activist.

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And my closet in my room was just full from bottom to top of all these test booklets. The Boxcar Children stories were some of his favorite in elementary school.

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So when he got his FCAT test, he remembers being excited to find them there. Vaughn had been up all night working on an English paper before taking his 10th grade FCAT on a computer.

He finished, fell asleep, and woke up in an empty room an hour-and-a-half later. But the rate using the 3.

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It's the same exact data, but with a different line comes a rather different conclusion. Now, let's take a quick look at the average scores in the leftmost columns of the table. Moreover, looking at the average scores in tandem with the rates, we find similar and related sorts of inconsistencies as we do when comparing rates using different thresholds.

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Most notably, the average score was flat in eighth grade 3. Finally, note how the fourth and tenth grade average scores both increased 0. Side note: You'll find similar "anomalies" in the math and reading results for third graders, which was the only grade released for these subjects. The average math score decreased by one point, but the proficiency rate stayed flat.

To be clear, despite their measurement issues, proficiency and other cutpoint-based rates are not without advantages, including the fact that they are easier to understand than actual scores and provide a goal at which schools and educators can aim. Indeed, the state at least goes to the trouble of reporting the scores along with the rates, which is not the case in other places.


Also keep in mind that these are state-level results, with a sample size of approximately , students in each grade. The problem is far more severe at the district- and school-levels, where smaller samples make it much more likely that these sorts of inconsistencies will arise. The Albert Shanker Institute, endowed by the American Federation of Teachers and named in honor of its late president, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to three themes - excellence in public education, unions as advocates for quality, and freedom of association in the public life of democracies.

With an independent Board of Directors composed of educators, business representatives, labor leaders, academics, and public policy analysts , its mission is to generate ideas, foster candid exchanges, and promote constructive policy proposals related to these issues. This blog offers informal commentary on the research, news, and controversies related to the work of the Institute.

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In fourth grade, students are asked to write a narrative. An effective written response should demonstrate mastery of language and grammar at a fourth-grade level.

FCAT Writing Strategies

The prompt, according to the Anchor Set, is to tell a story about a day students made lunch for the school. In preparing for this test, a prospective student needs to know how to tell a complete story with a tight sense of focus and a descriptive attention to detail.

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Essay graders are also looking for organizational patterns. According to the FCAT's Grade 8 Anchor Set, students are asked to explain how life has changed with the transition from elementary to middle school. Effective essays should create and maintain a sense of focus. The use of effective paragraph transitions should enhance an apparent organizational strategy. Using varied sentence structure also reflects well on the writer.